H20 4 Africa // WATER BOTTLE #507

Unlike New Zealand, many parts of Africa face extreme challenges accessing clean water.
At 17, Wellingtonian Levi 
Walton has made it his mission to provide clean water to as
many people as possible in 
Sub Saharan Africa.


Levi is currently in Africa, witnessing first hand, the extreme poverty and the lack of access to clean drinking water. Around him, people are walking for hours on end to collect water. Students are missing hours of school or not attending at all due to lack of water. He has witnessed many people extremely sick with easily preventable waterborne illnesses.


Motived by such great need, Levi has partnered with Moana Road to raise the funds to provide clean water to remote schools and villages. 100% of funds raised by this H20 4 Africa bottle will go directly to this project.


Levi will be installing rain collection systems in several schools to bring all year round water. This will enable students to stay in school and not have to spend hours collecting water. He will be working with remote villages to bring them the clean water solutions that best meet their needs. This will enable them to save hours of time and provide opportunities for them to grow their own food.


Join Levi to radically change lives!


For more information about this project please visit: www.gtribe.org/water

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